Knowing when Divorce Mediation is a Good Idea

New Jersey Divorce Mediation Lawyers

Unlike a formal divorce where things are usually taken into the courtroom, divorce mediation may be a better option if both parties are willing to work with one another. If the divorce can be handled through mediation, it will save a lot of headaches as well as financial costs to finalize the divorce and for both people to move on with their lives. But how do you know if that is a good move in your divorce? There are a few key things to analyze to make sure divorce mediation is in your best interest.

First, you need to look at the status of your relationship and be honest with yourself. You and your spouse should have come to terms to a permanent separation and have no desire to reconcile. While this doesn’t mean you must remove all possibility of reconciliation, you both still need to have reached an emotional point where you both are willing to move on with your lives separately. Another contributing factor is if the divorce is a mutual decision or one-sided. If both parties have come to a conclusion that the marriage is not working out and should be ended, mediation will move a lot smoother. However, if the divorce is one-sided and the other party is blind-sided by this decision, the chances of an easy mediation are limited.

Neither party should be blaming each other for the decision of divorce and both parties should wish to stay on good terms with one another. Even though neither of these things are a necessity to move forward into mediation, they both can contribute to how successful or unsuccessful the result of the mediation will be. If you have a great deal of animosity towards your spouse, this will hinder the process of mediation. Talking to the divorce mediation attorney that you hire about your emotional standpoints and concerns will help the attorney generate a plan of action. A seasoned New Jersey divorce mediation attorney could even conduct the mediation in separate meetings to help ease the emotional stress.

As you can see, communication, knowledge and honesty are all a part of a painless divorce mediation. Both parties should not lie about finances, property or facts regarding your relationship. Both parties should also be aware of the financial situation you are both in so no surprises arise during the mediation. There should be no issues of drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence or threats and intimidation between you two. And if children are involved, if both parties feel the other is a good parent, then that makes the divorce mediation move quicker and easily.

Deciding on going forward with divorce mediation or not may not be so clear-cut for some. It is in your best interest to discuss the details of your relationship with a professional divorce mediation attorney. At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., our team of experienced New Jersey divorce meditation attorneys are available for a free initial consultation anytime, even on nights and weekends, and will let you know what are the best steps for your divorce. Contact our law firm at 732-383-6242 to schedule your free initial consultation with an Ocean County divorce mediator today!

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