The New Jersey Divorce Mediation Process

Professional New Jersey Divorce Mediators

Just like how each divorce is unique, the divorce mediation doesn’t always follow the same steps. However, there is a general process that most mediation sessions follow. Most mediators will speak with you in a phone call to gather as much background information about you, your spouse, your family, the issues present and any other information the mediator finds imperative. The mediator must make sure that you are a good candidate for mediation. Then a face-to-face meeting will occur where the mediator you have hired will explain what is to happen next. Usually at this time, confidentiality agreements are signed and the mediator takes time to get to know you and your spouse. Once this has all been established, each side will be able to make a small statement about the situation you both are dealing with. The mediator may ask questions to both of you and also repeat what was said to make sure everyone is on the same page. The mediator will then probably start working on walking the two of you towards an agreement. If any additional information is needed, like bank statements, assessments of the value of the house, or whatever the case may be, you will be asked to bring it during the next mediation session. The next few sessions will then be the mediator trying to help the two of you reach approved settlements. Once all the issues have been settled, usually with both sides giving and taking a little, an agreement will be written which will be included with your divorce paperwork.

If you are considering divorce mediation, have an experienced mediator is essential. At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq., we have not only experienced divorce attorneys, but top-notch Red Bank divorce mediators with experience with clients throughout New Jersey. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced divorce mediators any time, even on nights and weekends, by calling 732-383-6242.

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